About the Program

MS Finance at IBA is a postgraduate program designed to provide a solid theoretical as well as working knowledge of finance in a global context. This program is designed to prepare the graduates for the challenges in the global and local financial systems by imparting comprehensive knowledge of finance and its multidisciplinary aspects. The program offers students, a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive foundation and subsequent depth in the field. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge with core courses in finance, before they can streamline the degree to their choice of specialization with a range of optional courses, including a number of specifically designed applied courses.

Finance as a field has grown tremendously in the last decade. Not only new specializations have emerged but the common body of knowledge required to choose any particular specialization has increased vastly. Keeping this under consideration we designed this program with rigorous course work so that graduates after completion of this program will be well equipped to conduct research or work in the financial industry as practitioners in a broad spectrum of roles.

In this program we would also encourage students from different quantitative fields (e.g. CS or Mathematics) of study to apply.

Message from Program Coordinator, MS (Finance)

Dr. Nauman J. Amin

The MS-Finance program is offered at IBA, Karachi since Fall 2020. In this graduate level degree, students have a chance to develop advanced knowledge in the field of finance and apply it to conduct exploratory research and industry projects. Our faculty is actively engaged with the industry and producing quality research. Hence, by enrolling in MS program, students also have an opportunity to get greater insight about recent developments happening in the world of finance. read more...

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